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reverse osmosis

we use reverse osmosis (RO) to produce a high-quality, streak-free finish on windows. Reverse osmosis technology is included into your cleaning process to help you see excellent results without the use of any chemicals that can leave a dirt attracting residue.

How does reverse osmosis function, and what is it?

Reverse osmosis (RO/DI) is a method of water purification that works by applying pressure to water through a semi-permeable membrane to remove pollutants and toxins. Water molecules can flow across the membrane, but bigger molecules and contaminants like minerals, salts, and chemicals cannot. this is then pushed through a de-ionizing resin that will fully purify the water. In order to force the water through the membrane and remove the impurities, the RO process applies pressure to the water in order to overcome the osmotic pressure of the contaminants.

Purified water is the end product, free of minerals and other impurities that can streak and spot windows. Reverse osmosis is frequently used in conjunction with a water-fed pole system in the window cleaning industry. Water that has been purified is kept in a tank and pumped to the window via a pole, where it is used to clean the glass. The lack of minerals and other impurities in the water causes it to evaporate quickly and leave a finish without streaks. We further increase the environmentally friendliness of our systems by powering battery packs through Solar panels.

for clean and green windows in Richmond upon Thames call us today.

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